Stealer malware intelligence

What’s inside the Stealer malware intelligence Report?

Stealer Malware

Stealer malware is designed to steal user credentials such as usernames, passwords, and cookies and send them to a server under the attacker’s control.

The stolen information is then aggregated and sold to other interested criminal groups that can abuse this access for espionage, data theft, or even ransomware attacks.

Activities noticed on the Darkweb Cyble Research Labs has noticed extensive usage of stealer malware by initial access brokers to compromise victims. These initial access brokers can trade the stolen credentials with other criminal groups, launching targeted attacks on specific organizations.

Cyble can currently evidence over 50+ stealer variants that are in circulation and are widely used in various threat campaigns globally.

Key takeaways include, from the report, are :

  • Top stealer malware in use
  • Growing prevalence of stealer malware campaigns
  • Analysis of stealer marketplace transactions on cybercrime forums (with screenshots)
  • Evolving models of stealer malware, along with ways to protect against stealer attacks

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