Semiconductor Industry Threat Landscape

What’s inside the Semiconductor Industry Threat Landscape Report?

The Semiconductor industry is crucial to various sectors such as Defense, Healthcare, Telecom, Communications, Computing, and many other critical applications. Due to their primary role in the manufacturing of electronic devices, semiconductors have become a vital part of our lives. As the industry evolves to the leading technology sector, various prominent semiconductors industries face ransomware attacks, extortion attempts, and other malicious activities from cyber criminals. 

Continuous trade disputes, the COVID-19 epidemic, international sanctions, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, etc., have increased the global dependence on the semiconductor industry.

In 2022, we observed multiple ransomware attacks on companies in the semiconductor industry, indicating that Threat Actors are actively targeting and exploiting this sector.

In this report, Cyble examines the ransomware attack on multiple organizations and identifies the techniques and procedures employed by Threat Actors in their attacks.

Download the report to know -

  • Cyble’s outlook on the semiconductor industry and the cyber threats faced by it
  • The growing use of phishing, ransomware, and malware being used to compromise the industry
  • The increase in the supply chain attacks in the Semiconductor industry
  • The reports highlight how large organizations such as Samsung, NVIDIA, Ignitarium, AMD, Diodes Inc, Dekimo, etc., become victims of cyber-attacks. 
  • Crucial information regarding the role of Initial Access Brokers. 
  • Poor security practices that led to the loss of sensitive information. 


Download the Semiconductor Industry Threat Report.