Russia-Ukraine Cyberwarfare

What’s inside the Russia-Ukraine Cyberwarfare Report?

Russia – Ukraine Cyberwarfare Report The Russian-Ukrainian conflict pushed the world to the brink of a global cyberwar besides having a lasting impact on the cyber threat landscape.

The research indicates that well before the commencement of open hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, state actors on both sides of the conflict had been targeting the other side's critical infrastructure, Industrial Control Systems, and Defense sectors.

Alongside troops being deployed to borders, international sanctions being passed, and warnings being issued, the geopolitical conflict also opened a front for cyber warfare.

The Russia – Ukraine Cyberwarfare Report takeaways: 

  • cyber tactics and techniques used by Ukrain and Russia to damage infrastructure
  • impact of cyber warfare on different verticals
  • key critical infrastructures targeted by the threat actors on both the Russian and Ukrainian sides
  • cyberwarfare and its spill-over effects

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