Ransomware Attacks, Q4, 2021

What’s inside the Q4 2021 Ransomware Report?

The economic impact of ransomware attacks became particularly pronounced in 2020. Despite global efforts, more and more businesses are being targeted by ransomware groups, bringing mission-critical systems to a standstill.

With ransomware becoming even more accessible than ever before, industries such as Healthcare and Financial services-related industries, including Banking and Insurance continue to be prime targets of malicious ransomware activity.

Our analysis also showcases the geographical distribution of major ransomware activities across the globe in Q4-2021.

As per our analysis, if these attacks continue along with the current trend, 2022 might witness a significant increase in ransomware attacks as compared to 2021.

Key takeaways include, from the report, are :

  • How new Ransomware groups form their identity on the Darkweb
  • Chats observed between threat actors and victim demanding $1M as a ransom
  • Established channels on the Darkweb offering Ransom-as-a-Services (RaaS) model
  • Predictions for the next quarter

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