Q3 2022 Ransomware

What’s inside the Q3-2022 Ransomware Report?

Ransomware is one of the most destructive cybersecurity threats today. In the last few months alone, we have observed everyone from individuals and Fortune 500 firms to entire governments fall victim to Ransomware attacks.

The impact of these attacks ranges from the immediate disruption of operations and financial setbacks to sensitive information being leaked and sold on the darkweb. 

We have observed Threat Actors changing up their methods and deploying new and sophisticated tactics to compromise their victims, something we discuss in detail in this report. 

You will find our analysis of Ransomware activities in Q3-2022 as well as our observations, insights, and some measures you can take to secure yourself and your organization from them. 

Key takeaways from our report include:

  • Ransomware Groups are aggressively targeting Small & Medium Scale Industries
  • Cybercrime Forums are sheltering Ransomware Groups
  • Ransomware Attacks compounding risks of Supply Chain Attacks
  • Ransomware Groups adopting unconventional programming languages
  • New extortion techniques – Spoofed Domains & Searchable Databases by Ransomware Groups

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