Indian Healthcare Report

What can you find in the India Healthcare Sector report?

India is a well-known Medical Tourism destination due to its world-class Healthcare that has rapidly advanced in every field. This is no small part due to the rapid digitization of the industry, which has directly contributed to making the Indian Healthcare industry responsive, efficient, and at par with global standards, particularly post the COVID-19 outbreak.  

However, this has not gone unnoticed, with Threat Actors actively trying to exploit the new, digitized Healthcare sector with its expanded digital footprint.  

In this report, we will go over the details of these activities, trends that we have observed, and our predictions for the need for the evolution of cybersecurity in the Indian Healthcare sector:

  • Cybercrime trends observed targeting the Indian Healthcare Sector 
  • Threat Actor Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) leveraged to target this region and sector
  • Threat vectors utilized by malicious actors to compromise the cyber-resilience of the Indian Healthcare sector 
  • Cyble Research & Intelligence Lab’s predictions on how the Indian Healthcare Sector will evolve and the cyber threats it may face in the coming months 
  • Recommendations on how to adapt a Proactive Security posture to build resilience to cyberattacks

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