Cybercrime Surveillance

pivoting towards new cybersecurity challenges

Cybercrime Surveillance Pivoting Towards New Cybersecurity Challenges

Cybercrime Surveillance helps identify vulnerabilities in networks and systems and is integral to proactively protecting personal information and data. Cybercrime is a global problem with worldwide ramifications and, thus, requires international cooperation between Law Enforcement Agencies, Government entities, and private sector organizations. Enhancing collaboration and information sharing can help to identify and prevent cyber threats. 

Cybercrime surveillance is not just the responsibility of law enforcement agencies but also individuals and organizations. Increasing awareness and sharing best practices can help prevent cybercrime by promoting best practices and vigilance. 

Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs (CRIL) identified multiple new ransomware groups in 2022, of which BianLian, Royal, and Play were the most active among these new groups. 

Ransomware attacks affected several industries within these countries, including Professional Services, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, and the Banking and Financial Services industry. 

Key takeaways includes how: 

  • Given how crucial OSINT is to the day-to-day functions of countless professionals, having a concise, up-to-date framework for conducting OSINT research is critical for organizations and individuals

  • Geopolitical Intelligence and Cybersecurity go together in our increasingly connected and globalized world, where actionable intel leads to more secure platforms, products, and sites

  • Cyble’s Global Sensor Intelligence (GSI) network nodes have played a crucial role in discovering actively exploitable vulnerabilities in the wild.

  • SOCMINT can enable investigators to track known TA’s behavior and patterns to pre-empt an attack 

    Custom Encryption is one of the most significant challenges in cybercrime surveillance.

Conti Ransomware group’s cyberattacks on Costa Rican government machinery in April 2022 crippled the country’s public services for over 3 months 

In this whitepaper, we discuss the following: 
  • What is cybercrime surveillance, and how does it aid the early detection of cybercrime?
  • What are the essential components of the cybercrime surveillance grid?
  • What are the present challenges to effective cybercrime surveillance?
  • How to make cybercrime surveillance future-ready
  • Cyble's cybercrime surveillance insights from 2022

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