Cyber Threat Landscape and

Prediction 2022

What’s inside the 2022 Cyber Threat Landscape and Prediction Report ?

The insurgence of high-profile attacks and unprecedented increase in cyber activity over the past few years have amplified the significance of visibility into the threat landscape.

In 2021 alone, the global cost of cybercrimes reached up to $ 6 trillion. Today, all organizations that are operating online are possibly vulnerable to cyber threats. In order to stay ahead of threats and protect their infrastructure, it is vital to stay abreast with overall cybersecurity landscape.

This report offers organizations insights into the key threats, trends, existing and new Threat Actors (TA) and their attack methodologies.

The report also provides insights into both potential and identified cyber threats that has affected a vertical, group of users, or events over a particular period.

Key takeaways include, from the report, are :

  • ways in which various hidden threats, vulnerabilities malware, APT campaigns, data leaks, ransomware attacks, and phishing campaigns took place in 2021
  • methodologies through which APT adversaries evaded detection and gained access to critical infrastructure and supply chains
  • malicious threat actors targeted critical cloud infrastructure with new, sophisticated approaches
  • threat predictions for 2022

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