Cyber Threat Activity

Gov + Law Enforcement 

Guarding the Guardians:

Cyber Threat Activity Gov + Law Enforcement Report 

The report - Cyber Threat Activity for Govt. & Law Enforcement Agencies - is focused on recent incidences of cybercrimes that occurred worldwide.

At Cyble Research Labs, we strongly believe that Cyber Intelligence backed by actionable, timely threat intelligence can bring cyber resilience to Govt. and Law Enforcement Agencies.

Download this report to get actionable intelligence insights to improve your cybersecurity postures.

Key takeaways from this report:

  • How the FOLLINA Vulnerability was weaponized and exploited
  • Geography-wise Breakdown of government entities that were targeted and compromised over the darkweb.
  • Details of data breaches by government agencies worldwide, such as Russia-Ukraine conflict-related breaches, Govt. of Mexico data being leaked, and targeted attacks against the Indian government.

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