Cybersecurity of the Medical Sector

What’s inside the Cybersecurity of the Medical Sector report?

Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs closely monitors ongoing developments in Cyberspace. In this report, we closely examine the Medical Industry and the cybersecurity threats that are actively targeting it.  

This report will give readers detailed insights into the following:

  • The latest cybercrime incidents impacting the Healthcare Sector
  • The Tactics, Techniques & Procedures (TTPs) of Threat Actors carrying out attacks on the Healthcare Sector
  • The impact of Protected Health Information (PHI) being compromised by malicious actors
  • The threat vectors and vulnerabilities compromising the Healthcare Sector’s cyber-resilience
  • Our predictions on the evolution of cybersecurity threats to the Healthcare sector in the near future
  • Our recommendations on how the Healthcare Sector can improve its cyber defense posture 

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