Securing A Multi-trillion Dollar industry & national Infrastructure from Cyber attacks

What’s inside the 2022 Oil and Gas infrastructure cyber attack report?

Entities involved in the oil and gas sector have become a ripe target for malicious attackers and prominent APT groups.

Owing to the criticality of industrial operations in the sector, organizations dealing in oil and gas should appropriately segment their networks, as any exposed assets over the internet can be misused to breach the targeted organization.

The impact of such a breach can be colossal, directly or indirectly leading to financial loss, loss of life, and severe damage to critical infrastructure.

Riding high on factors like accelerated digitalization and unpatched vulnerabilities of legacy industrial control systems, leaving the ONG sector open to sophisticated cyberattacks from Threat Actors and even other nations.

This report: 

  • covers the criticality of the ONG sector to its many stakeholders
  • covers vulnerabilities that arise during digital transformation
  • has journey, notable incidents, and best practices to secure critical infrastructure from similar attacks.

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